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Self-Titled EP, Natalie Gish
Released November 2021

"Pop singer/songwriter Natalie Gish is coming in hot! At just eighteen years old, The Nashville based artist has released her debut EP filled with heartfelt tracks, and it is GREAT!  With skillful songwriting far beyond her years, we expect a lot more big things to come from the young and talented musician." 
"Music has always been a big part of my life,” says Gish. “Music gives freedom to express my emotions and allows me to let go.  I wrote these songs because I wanted something others could relate to."   December 2021,

Single "She's Going Places"
Released June 2023

"Natalie Gish drops the new song She's Going Places, the first release off her forthcoming EP.   The new Mid-Tempo track blends elements of pop, electro, and funk, creating a dynamic fusion of genres.  Gish says, "She's Going Places was inspired by a poster on my wall with a map of the world.  This song tells my story of leaving my hometown to live out my big dreams.  While leaving my fem ily and friends was hard, I knew it was important for me to step out of my comfort zone with confidence.  It is a reminder to those with stars in their eyes to not hold back and accomplish their goals."  June 6, 2023 Kings of A&R

Making Me Smile

Released July 28th, 2023

What are Listeners Saying About Making Me Smile?

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