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Natalie Gish Modeling Moda Shoot

"Beautiful piano lines, keyboards and drums are the setting where Natalie rests her delicate, melodic voice and put her heart as a guide to interpret one of the most beautiful compositions ever released this year" with respect to her single, Where I Was Before., Fabiano Menon

Born and raised in Kansas, Natalie Gish has always had a passion for the performing arts. Having spent most of her youth dancing competitively, singing in school and church choir, and performing in lead roles in mainstage musicals at her local theater, Natalie understood that she had been gifted with powerful vocal talent.


After attending the Launch Showcase in Chicago in 2019, Natalie was given an opportunity to develop her talent as a singer/songwriter. Natalie co-wrote several songs for her first EP with her team in Nashville and New York. “Music has always been a part of my life”, Natalie says. “I wrote these songs because I wanted something others could relate to”. Natalie’s debut EP (recorded and produced by Zodlounge in Nashville; released November 2021) features songs that speak of friendships, love that has come and gone, and moving on. Now working on establishing herself in the music industry as a singer/songwriter, Natalie is a Commercial Songwriting major at Middle Tennessee State University, known as, “The Grammy Factory”. 


New music is coming soon!

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